Terrence Roach Found Not Guilty of Murder

It took the jury 11 hours to deliberate the fate of Terrence Roach, and as the clock struck 1:00 a.m., the jury’s decision stunned the courtroom.

The jury found Terrance Roach not guilty on all three charges of murder he faced in the death of Aleah Beckerle. The jury also found Roach not guilty of kidnapping and burglary.

Roach was found guilty on two charges, abuse of a corpse and criminal confinement resulting in serous bodily injury.

Aleah Beckerle’s family was stunned by the decision and could be heard crying and screaming from the courtroom after the verdict was handed down. Beckerle, who was disabled, went missing in 2016. Her body was found in an abandoned home on Bedford Ave. in March of 2017.

Roach, who is Beckerle’s stepbrother, was arrested soon after Beckerle’s body was found. Evansville Police say Roach confessed to taking Beckerle from her home. They say he admitted to getting the idea to take her after smoking synthetic marijuana.

Roach will remain in the Vanderburgh County Jail without bond. He will appear in court next on June 27th.



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