More Teachers Are Giving Up Extra-Curriculars to Drive Buses

A number of school districts across Indiana are experiencing a bus driver shortage. In an effort to attract more drivers, school leaders are boosting starting pay for bus drivers and it’s having a bad impact on other parts of the district.

Mike Bostic is a school teacher in Carmel, IN and he decided to give up coaching tennis to drive a school bus. Even though he’s a nine-time state champion tennis coach, he made the decision because having a bus route now pays a lot better than coaching.

He says it was a hard choice to make but with kids in high school and college on the way, he said it was his main priority to first take care of his family.

“I’m gonna make double being a bus driver than I did coaching,” said Bostic. “Now I’ll just go to the transportation center early, get on the bus, run my routes.”

Bostic isn’t the only teacher raising his hand to earn extra income. While school leaders say they’re happy to find a solution to fill those open bus driver positions, they’re noticing a lot of teachers wanting to drop their extra-curricular roles to drive buses, which solves one problem but creates another.



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