Teacher Locker to Offer Free School Supplies

Supporting teachers while helping students that is the goal of a new community effort in Evansville. When the EVSC’s Teacher Locker opens in August educators will be able to get school supplies for free.

The resource store will offer classroom supplies at no cost to teachers in the EVSC. Organizers say Teacher Locker will help fill the gaps as the school year goes on and supplies run-out.

Teacher Locker co-chair Jeffrey Berger says, “Teachers on average spend between $400 to $500 a year out of their own pocket and it shouldn’t be that way, but that’s just life, and because they’re very passionate about what they do, and they love teaching so this is a resource that’s gonna be available for our EVSC teachers so hopefully we can reduce that amount.”

When the resource store opens in August it will only be available to elementary teachers, but there are plans to expand in the future.

The Teacher Locker will be located at the EVSC’s AIS on Diamond Avenue.



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