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Taste Tuesday: Prime Time Pub & Grill

Every Tuesday we sample some #EatLocal fare as a way to highlight the creative foodie chefs in the Tri-State.

This week is no different as we check out a new place that promises to be fine casual with an upscale sports bar feel.

This veteran-owned, kid-friendly, every day restaurant is focused on making delectable house-made sauces and hand patted burgers…but there’s one leading “ingredient” that takes center stage at “Prime Time Pub and Grill“.

You’re watching the morning news…but here, it’s always “prime time”!

This every day, every occasion restaurant marries fine casual with the feel of an upscale sports bar, with a special $5 menu, kids’ entrees and tons of appetizer choices like their “Irresistible Pork Shanks”.

I love how when you bite into it, you crunch through the rub — I mean CRUNCH through the rub — into the very soft, delicious, perfectly seasoned pork.

This is an appetizer!

I mean…that’s pretty fancy.

With anything on this menu from Smothered Chicken to Steak Filet, it’s easy to see why they’ve grown so quickly, and are already award winning!

But the Prime Ribeye is the star of the show!

We only use prime cuts.
What we do is we peel off the fat cap and season it with a blend of seasonings that we do in house; and then put that back on, do a process called ‘flashing’.
So we cook it at a really high heat for just about 10 minutes or so to get the olive oil real crispy, and then we turn it down and slow cook it for a really long while until it gets to about 120, which is rare, and that’s where we hold it.

And that’s why they put it in their burgers.

Our burgers are fresh, never frozen, ground beef; and then we also grind ribeye and mix that in with the ground beef, which makes it really, really good.
Then we also cook it on flat top versus an open flame – with that much fat content, it’s going to dry out so by cooking it on a flat top it keeps it really juicy, and it’s — as you saw — they’re ridiculous.

Meet The Prime Burger, or as they’ve nicknamed it, “Meet the Meat”.

This is a half pound prime patty with pulled pork, hickory smoked bacon, onion straws, smoked gouda cheese and prime sauce.

They say on the menu, “Good luck”…I think I’m going to need it.

This is only $16.99, and I say “only” because I don’t know if you can see how large this burger is, but there’s no way that I can even eat half of this!

There is definitely some weight to this burger, and the patty just by itself is absolutely amazing…no wonder it’s the star of the menu!

Oh my gosh, it’s like barbecue heaven, and enormous…seems that I have “met the meat”, and I have been conquered.

Need even more reasons to visit Prime Time Pub and Grill in Newburgh?

Because they are Veteran owned, they offer Veterans 20% off every day, and first responders and educators get that same discount once a month.

Find Prime Time at 8177 Bell Oaks Drive…tell them you heard about them here, and then let me know what you thought!

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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