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Taste Tuesday: North Main Annex Gourmet Catering and Deli

‘Tis the season of eating out — we’ve done so much cooking for thanksgiving and we have another big holiday feast in front of us…

Need to grab a quick lunch, or add a new side dish to your family’s traditional meal…we’ve got the answer for where to do both in this week’s Taste Tuesday.

What once was the place that slogged through rain, snow, sleet or hail to bring you your mail, North Main Annex Gourmet Catering and Delinow delivers delicious-nss for those looking for fast, simple yet elegant eat local fare on the go.

Located in the historic Post Office Annex, chef Narda Jones has taken her passions for food and culture, her childhood experience of working on a vegetable farm, and her mad scientist approach to recipes — and as she embarks on her 2nd chapter, she’s invited you to share her journey at North Main Annex .

I designed, developed commercialized food packages…and when I retired from my plastics career I got into cooking!
Then I took it one step further, decided to go to culinary school for fun, that made that passion grow more, so here I am…I opened my own restaurant!

Breakfasts, salads, soups and baked goods are on the menu…that depend on what the mad scientist has on hand.

What I do is I take an idea, or I take a recipe and I look at what is fresh, what is available, and I try to put combinations together that make sense.

And also it helps because that means that you don’t have a lot of waste either!

That’s right! I have virtually zero waste because I’m using things that are fresh or available; and if I find that I have too much squash (or another vegetable), I’ll try to figure out how to utilize it.

And that works into your “fun” concept as well, because that means that every day you’re walking in and you’re thinking, “what fun, new thing can I create with what I have left, or what I’ve got coming.”

Absolutely! And what I do, I find that I create new recipes that people really enjoy and they want to order it over and over and over.

I Asked you, “what’s good?”, And you said, “no, not what’s good. What’s fun? Because everything is good!”

That’s right! Because I focus more on ‘fun food’ rather than an ‘interesting’ food, rather than what’s good because everything I make, I try to make good.

Want to revive an old family recipe, or something that you had at a church potluck when you were a kid?

Give Narda the facts and she might just put that on the menu!

Find North Main Annex Gourmet Catering and Deli at 701 North Main Street, they’re open for breakfast and lunch — and, if you missed it, they also cater!

Tell them you heard about them here on 44News, and let me know what you decided to taste.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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