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Taste Tuesday: Mele’s Diner

The Tri-State is a foodie’s delight! — With new and creative restaurants opening all the time as our area grows.

The latest trend is “fusion”…not necessarily mixing two types of food to make one – but honoring two different styles under the same roof!

Mele’s Diner is on the cusp of that trend here in Evansville, offering your American diner classics along-side authentic Mexican favorites.

Down-home American cooking combines with traditional Mexican flavors at Mele’s Diner.

You know exactly what you’re in for when you walk past the handwritten sign proclaiming some of the menu choices.

Start the day with biscuits and gravy or chilaquiles.

For lunch, find classic diner options like chicken fried steak and ribeyes nestled next to tacos, burritos, chimichangas and more!

Mele’s offers daily specials like salmon or chops with 2 sides…the fried cabbage is legit.

For snackers, find soul food appetizers like fried green tomatoes, butterfly shrimp, chicken and waffles and, of course house made, fresh guacamole.

Did I mention that they cater?

Their fresh sauces and house made chips are even more impressive when you know that a lot of the times, it’s a one man kitchen!

The American Slam is definitely a diner’s breakfast…like, check out how much this is, and you’re not going to want to eat it because it’s absolutely beautifully plated with 2 eggs, sausage, mushrooms, potatoes…all the good stuff!

This is like breakfast for now, and breakfast for tomorrow out of the refrigerator, cold.

This classic American breakfast is packed with flavor and seasoning!

Just a bite of that sausage and you’re like, “mmm,” you’re definitely going to want more.

What is a “Cowboy Steak”?

Well, I guess you have to be a cowboy to lift this 35-40 oz. steak!

Just for reference, let me put my arm next to it…

And it costs anywhere from $35.99 to 40 bucks, I think that’s like four cowboys worth of steak.

The Cowboy Steak was cooked to perfection!

He (the owner) even offered to come to the table and put a little “more” on it for me, but no, and it cut like butter!

Lots of yummy fat, and with minimal seasoning, you can actually taste the meat and that lets the meat speak for itself.

What better way to celebrate “Taste Tuesday” or “Taco Tuesday” than with a combination plate, and this is only $7.99!

An enchilada and a hard taco, rice and beans, you can pick chicken or beef, but if you want the good stuff — the carnitas — it’s just a dollar more.

The enchilada is absolutely fabulous, and what makes it is that house-made sauce!

As soon as it hits your tongue, you’re like, “yeah…that’s an enchilada!”

Then, it goes to the back of your mouth and you’re like, “dang! Yeah! That was an enchilada!”

You’re going to want one of these, seriously.

But you can’t have this one, because this one is mine.


I don’t know how you could see that food and not be!

Find Mele’s Diner at 6840 Logan Drive Suite A in Evansville.

Let them know you heard about them here, and let me know what you tried…I’m just saying, try that fried cabbage and you won’t be disappointed.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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