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Taste Tuesday: Kabob Xpress

There are a lot of new locally owned restaurants in the area, so a few might have escaped your attention.

One of these new spots features Mediterranean Barbecue that’s been what the owner describes as “dialed down and Americanized” for us…and the difference?

Food that fills you up, and will delight your taste-buds!

And– if you have friends that are afraid to step out of the box?

They’re sure to find something delicious too.

What happens when an amazing cook decides to share her love of creating in the kitchen, and Mediterranean food?

A place where the atmosphere relaxes, the food is made fresh when you order, and the menu is stacked with delightful dishes you’ll find in foreign spots like Greece, Tunisia, Turkey or Spain.

Kabob Xpress in Evansville offers appetizers like hummus or baba ghanouj, salads “Xpress plates” with skewers of all kinds, vegetarian plates, sandwiches and even a kids’ menu so they can enjoy the food-venture too, but if they’re the picky sort, Kabob Xpress has got you covered there as well.

While Kabob Xpress is known for their Mediterranean flair, the owner has done what she calls “dialing it back” or “Americanizing” things for our Midwest palate.

Everything here is fresh, from our salad dressings, our chopped salad, house dressings…all scratch, our Greek dressings, all scratch, our garlic sauce…
If you have the Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, you have to have the garlic in there, that’s just like the set rules of it.

And something you always have to ask the head chef…what’s your favorite thing to eat?

I’m probably either going to say the Kofta or the Chicken Shawarma, those are the ‘Top 2’ right there!

I’m not normally a dipper, but their house made sauces are so good, you’re going to ask for more of this; which is why they make bottles upon bottles when they come in in the morning.

When you think of a gyro, you typically think of it being wrapped in bread…and that’s another thing that i like about kabob xpress, not everything is wrapped up, so i really get to taste the meat, the flavor and all of the love they put into it, and be a little less on the heavy side — not so many calories, not so many carbs.

Oh dog!

This is the best one we’ve ever had!

We’ve only had, like, 3 gyros and that’s what it’s supposed to taste like!

A lot of people, when they come in here and see our gyro station and our shawarma stations, that’s the first thing they say…they;re like, ‘Man, it’s been almost 7 to 10 years since I’ve seen a gyro station,’ and I’m like, we got it, come try it!
I’ll give them a sample, they say, ‘I’m going to get one for here, and one to go!’

The Chicken Shawarma?

You’re not going to have any better Mediterranean chicken than that!

She told me how much she loves to cook, and I’m telling you, it shows.

It wouldn’t be a Mediterranean food-venture if you did not try some sort of dessert…and of course you have to have baklava.

You can tell that this dessert is so fresh, you could hear the crunch as I pierced through it!

Then you have all of these flavors just combining in this nice, sweet, savory way with the crunch and then the interior; perfect way to end your food-venture experience here at Kabob Xpress.

Kabob Xpress is located at 3305 North Green River Road in Evansville.

Pro tip: it takes about 20 minutes to prepare each dish from scratch, and there will be a lot of people grabbing lunch there, so give yourself some time.

When you go, let me know what you tried!

I’m still talking about that gyro…and the eggplant is awesome too!

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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