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Tapestry Connect: The Perfect Blend of Arts, Music, Performance and Education

A few months ago we introduced you to a unique band that weaves classics from 400 years ago with classic rock…

“Tapestry” has taken their rock-opera blend on the road…and into schools!

The goal?

To show children why they love the music they know, and how to fall in love with music they may not have yet experienced.

Here’s your 44News exclusive sneak peek at the latest program your kid will want to be a part of:

We hear it all the time…the arts in public school systems are woefully underfunded.

Why is this news?

We believe that a society that begins to devalue its arts inevitably declines; and we see a lower and lower and lower appreciation for Fine Arts and great art in our country, in the populace and especially in the education system.

“Tapestry” saw the gap, and decided that they had the talents and means to fill the hole for students desperate for the arts.

We go into the area, and bring in High School/Middle School children, and we go to colleges, to their Music Department – to their campuses – and bring them in; and what we do is we present to them an educational sort of symposium experience that has a little bit of Music History in it, but has a whole lot of performance in it that blends music from the last 400 years and today.

Think of it as education…hiding as entertainment!

We’re doing this just to educate, that’s the main goal of it just educating people and making them aware.
Kids, I mean, they like a show, they like things that are unique and new to them!
So this kind of sends that spark in their eye and shows them something they haven’t seen before.

Even better?

Not only will children gain a connection to the classics, and have an opportunity to learn from professional musicians…they also get a chance to step out on stage and strut their stuff!

We give them opportunities to be onstage with us and work with us, and be featured and put them in the spotlight as we play behind them…as the professionals play behind them.
Not just working with and listening from, but being onstage with people who are forging their way in the music industry, and making a living at it; so they can see that it is possible, and the type of work that it takes to make that happen.

A tapestry weaves pieces together, and in this case it’s the perfect blend of arts, music, performance and education all in one.

Isn’t this such a cool idea?

Click here if you want this program to visit your school.

Click here to visit the band’s Facebook page in case you missed their much-talked-about shows…so you won’t be left out again.

Tapestry does have a “Rock-cital” this weekend, find the link to the event here.

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And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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