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Syringe Found in Park

The concern for children’s safety is spreading on social media after a father in Henderson made a disturbing discovery in Central Park.

“For some reason, it just caught my eye. I guess I was supposed to find it,” says concerned father, Chris Whitfield.

Whitfield found a syringe right in the middle of Central Park where kids play every day.

“I was in shock and then I was just concerned because I have a three-year-old daughter who I take to that park usually two to three times a week,” says Whitfield.

Law enforcement officials are advising parents to show their kids what a syringe looks like. If you come across one of those needles, they need to be thrown away properly.

“They can always call us and we can come and dispose of that needle properly,” says Lieutenant Jason Hargitt from the Henderson Police Department.

“I guess I’ll just have to make it a habit from now on to start checking the ground and inside the slides and stuff and then letting her play,” says Whitfield.

He shared his findings on social media and his post has been shared 1,100 times. The syringe was found nearly two miles away from a needle exchange program.

“It’s a real eye-opener in how careless drug users are and how we have to protect ourselves and children from their mistakes,” says Whitfield.

Green River District Health Department officials say they are planning on mobilizing their syringe exchange program. They would be traveling throughout Daviess and Henderson counties so people can exchange their dirty needles for clean ones. This is aimed to keep dirty needles off the streets since they can spread blood-borne diseases.



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