Synthetic Drugs Found in Home

23 pounds of synthetic pot was found inside the home of James Alexander and Brandy Phelps.

Thursday, anonymous tips lead to one of the largest drug busts in Madisonville.

“So our detectives took initiative and set up on the residents in question,” says Sergeant Leighann Stroud.

Madisonville police say detectives were keeping an eye on the couple’s home and noticed cars coming and going throughout the day. Authorities eventually stopped one of those cars and found synthetic marijuana.

“Synthetic drugs is probably one of the most dangerous things that we do take off the streets,” says Sgt. Stroud.

When detectives and other law enforcement officials went to Alexander’s home, they say he handed over 23 pounds of synthetic marijuana already packaged and ready to sell. This is an alarming discovery since synthetic drugs can be even more dangerous than meth.

“People have the misconception that because you can buy it at a gas station or buy it at local shops that it’s completely safe and they are using it as an alternative or as an agent that helps them recover from something like meth, but that’s not the case,” says Owensboro Health Clinical Pharmacist, Jeff McKeever.

Synthetic drugs can cause paranoia, difficulty breathing and even internal bleeding, but this drug is becoming more popular.

Owensboro police say they have dealt with 30 synthetic drug cases already in 2019.

Last year Madisonville police got seven pounds of synthetic drugs off the streets and later won an award for making the largest drug bust in the country.

Thursday’s bust was much larger than the one last year and it landed both Alexander and Phelps behind bars. The couple is being held on a $25,000 bond and they could face up to 5 years in prison.



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