Health Concerns Reported at JFK Pool in Tell City

After dealing with several issues, the JFK Pool in Tell City is open from noon until 5 P.M. until July 31st.

City officials are aware of the problems, but some families told me they are continually dealing with injuries from the pool including what they call swimmers itch.

“My sister came out with a like swimmers itch or something,” says Community Water Activist Justicee Durbin.

What’s in the water at JFK Pool is the topic of some community concerns.

“There is no reason why so many kids are getting swimmers itch. I mean there are way too many cases of that,” says Durbin.

The pool water is tested every Monday and sent to a water treatment facility in Jasper.

Families who visited the pool just last week say the pool which has been around for nearly 55 years is in rough condition.

“I think the bottom of the pool is way too rough. You have too many little kids getting hurt on it,” says Durbin.

“If you look down into the pool you can see the cracks that have been repaired multiple times. I was scared to walk through the like shower areas in fear of getting Tetanus.”

Tell City officials say the pool would be closed for any issue that could impact people swimming at the pool including a lack of lifeguards.

“We had to get out for 20 minutes at one point because their lifeguards were on break,” says Durbin.

Community members tell me the pool is the only refuge for kids in Tell City on hot days.

“They have taken out the slide which was like the main staple of the pool,” says Durbin.

“They don’t have enough places where you can get out of the sun. And the places they do have it says its reserved for people who are eating. They’ve been talking about taking out the pool. We thought it was closed this year.”

JFK Pool Staff are working to keep the facility open and to maintain the pools upkeep which is costly.

“I am confident that the city will start helping,” says Durbin.

City officials tell me they have applied for a grant to improve the condition of the pool. If accepted plans for improving the pool could start in the Fall.



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