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The Sweet Smoky Smells of BBQ Will Fill Downtown Evv This Weekend!

Barbecue is a big part of the Tri-State’s culture and many cities hold their own competitions…

Good news for you lovers of saucy goodness–

Pit Masters from all over will converge on downtown Evansville this weekend for the first Evansville BBQ Festival!

It’s exciting! You know the first year we have about 19 teams. These teams are from all over the region, a lot of Evansville teams.
Jim Johnson is a great partner, helping us get this first year off the ground. You know, what he says is that the barbecue cooking is one of the fastest growing sports, Evansville needs that.
You know, the barbecue, the food the smells — I mean, just everything that you can imagine when it comes to a barbecue festival.

Exactly…imagine…the smell of sweet-smoky meat wafting through downtown!

With 2 days of saucy festivities– this new festival promises to be a thick and sticky treat.

So it’s 2 days…
We have Friday night, some bluegrass we’re bringing in, live music and also a “Tips & Tricks’ demonstration for cooking on a grill, and just some added bonus to a VIP event, to really kick off the first year.
Now on Saturday, it’s free admission, fun for all ages.
It’s a food festival! Come out, indulge, save some room in your belly.
It’s going to be a good time for our community.

Even more exciting?

Other area pit players say this event will introduce you to Masters that mean business when it comes to barbecue.

You’ve got these good teams that focus on the small details. They focus on every second of every day when they cook; anything they do, their sauces, their seasonings, it’s insane how much preparation goes in that these guys do.

This event will not only tickle your taste-buds — and satisfy your stomach — organizers say they’re looking to make an economic impact on the area by increasing traffic and tourism in the city.

There’s definitely going to be an economic impact, we’re expecting several thousand people to travel into the area.
As a result, it helps small business, neighboring business, and helps our community to grow; and to get people down here to see what’s going on.

The first ever Evansville BBQ Festival opens Friday — technically at 6th and Walnut in downtown Evansville.

Friday night is the VIP event…

Find VIP tickets here.

Free parking will be available at the Old National Events Plaza lot located at 9th and Locust.

And if you go Saturday, say hi — I’ll be there capturing all the fun for our Weekend Rewind.

Like what I do? See more on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville Channel.

And find that epic city calendar at The Best Day Ever Evansville.



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