Suspects Charged in Death of Pregnant Chicago Woman

The three people charged for the slaying of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez are being held in the Cook County Jail without bond. Clarisa Figueroa,46, and her daughter Desiree Figueroa,24, are both charged with one count of first-degree murder.

The mother-daughter duo are accused of killing Ochoa-Lopez after luring her to a home promising free baby clothes and a stroller. Clarisa’s boyfriend Piotr Bobak is charged with concealment of a homicide.

In a bond hearing Friday, prosecutors said Figueroa’s daughter strangled Ochoa-Lopez at the direction of her mother. Authorities say Clarisa wanted to raise another baby after losing her son to natural causes more than two years ago.

League of United Latin American Citizens Julie Contreras says, “Today is a day of anguish that this family is living through a nightmare, a horror film, today there is only one message that the family has: Justice for Marlen. We are requesting that the Cook County states attorney, Kim Foxx and members of her office give no bond to these individuals. Monsters. Murderers.”

All three suspects were denied bond.

Chicago police now are scouring through their social media accounts to see if there were more attempts to lure others.



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