Suspect in Motorcycle Club Shooting Sent to Hospital

The man accused of driving his truck into Grim Reaper Motorcycle Club and firing shots Wednesday night is in the hospital. The Evansville Police Department arrived at the Grim Reaper Motorcycle Club around 9 p.m. for a shots fired call.

Authorities identified the suspect as 47-year-old Cale Winternheimer of Evansville.

According to witnesses, Winternheimer drove into the building and proceeded to fire shots.

“He had brought with him a five gallon gas can. He attempted on more than one occasion to light that on fire at the front of the building. When that didn’t work he actually got into his truck and drove towards the building and crashing into the front of the building,” says Sgt. Cullum.

Members of the club fought back injuring the suspect.

“Several members that were inside the club came out, they discharged firearms due to the suspects behavior,” says Sgt. Cullum. The members did not shoot Winternheimer, but they did beat him with pool cues.

None of the people inside the motorcycle club were injured but the suspect was taken away on a stretcher.

Winternheimer is now being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail. He faces multiple charges including criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, arson, and criminal mischief.

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