Survey Says 82% of Employees Would Quit Their Jobs Because of No Progression

A high number of employees would quit their jobs because of no progression, according to a survey conducted by Career Addict, a leading online career resource.

Nearly 1,000 career-driven individuals were surveyed at the end of 2019.  The study found 82% of participants say a lack of progression would influence their decision to leave their jobs.

While 67% of the participants were Millennial and Gen Z workers, the survey found there was a common sentiment across the participating age groups.

Meanwhile, among those who had already quit their jobs, 35 percent also revealed they would consider returning if they were offered a better salary or a higher position.

The survey also found disconcerting realities that are prevalent in today’s workplace:

  • 53% of participants said they felt discriminated against by their superior.  61% of whom were women.
  • Meanwhile, 1 in 4 people said they felt discriminated against because of their gender, 76% of whom were women.

Only 18% of participants say they regret leaving their previous job.

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