Supporters Walk Across Evansville To Conquer Chiari

The weather told held up for Evansville’s 11th Annual Chiari Walk.

Dozens of people gathered at Garvin Park for the “Conquer Chiari Walk Across America.” Chiari is a rare congenital disorder that effects the brain and spinal cord. With September being Chiari Malformation Awareness Month, families and supporters wore t-shirts and walked around Evansville to support survivors, some of whom still struggle with simple daily tasks.

Dennise Wiley, who directly has been effected by Chiari explains “Some of them are like my son who can’t walk far, he will be in a stroller, some of them are in wheelchairs. Don’t judge someone just because of looks. It is not something you can visually see and a lot of times you can not see their scars or you don’t know what kind of pain they are in, that day it could be one of their best days ever and with in an hour it can be their worst.”

All proceeds from the event will be used to fund Chiari research, education, and awareness programs.



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