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Sunshine, Southerly Winds and Warmer Weather

Good Evening,

Despite the cool start to our day (33° in Evansville), waking up to a crystal clear sky made for a fitting beginning to what would be a beautiful, albeit cool, spring day! After the combination of weak northerly winds and clear skies drove the mercury down near the freezing mark for many of us, that northerly wind flow hung on for the afternoon keeping temperatures nearly 10° below average for the day.

Fortunately, the core of high pressure responsible for both our northerly winds and clear skies will gradually shift eastward over the next 12 hours. As that migration occurs, our northerly winds will shift southward while maintaining our clear conditions; the combination of the two will kick off a significant warm up during the ensuing 48 hours.

After only reaching the upper 52° earlier this afternoon, temperatures will surge into the upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow (60° in Evansville) and towards the upper 60 and low 70s come Thursday (69° in the River City). That high near 70° on Thursday will come at a bit of a price; we’ll see partly sunny skies and winds gusting as high as 25 mph that afternoon. The rain however, appears as though it will hold off until the predawn hours on Friday.

Scattered rainfall will likely stick with the Tri-State throughout our Friday before intensifying Saturday. In fact, there are some hints that Saturday could bring about not only your scattered rain showers, but thunderstorms as well. It will all come down to timing; if the passage of the anticipated cold front occurs during the late morning as it currently looks like it will, we can expect a line of showers and thunderstorms. If that line slows and passes through during the early afternoon, some of those storms may intensify, so we’ll keep a close eye on Saturday.

As the last of the rainfall exits the Tri-State Saturday evening, so will any chance of additional precipitation during the remainder of our extended forecast. Sunday appears as though it will be a drier, clearer and far cooler day than our Saturday – we’re only expected to reach 49° that afternoon! Don’t fret, warmer weather looks like it will return rather quickly. Current model data suggests that we’ll reach 54°, 61° and 68° under mostly sunny skies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week respectively.



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