Summer Soak Fest Saturday in Evansville Aims to Fight Gun Violence With Water Guns

Neighborhoods in Evansville have been dealing with several shootings and people in the community are looking for ways to end the violence, so Saturday afternoon Anthony Oates park will be the place for anyone looking to shoot down violence with community resources.

“We are going to put down the real guns and we are going to have some fun with some water guns,” says Mariama Wilson.

“Lets burn some energy, be positive and enjoy ourselves.”

The goal of Summer Soak Fest is to bring life back into an area some say is neglected.

“Deaths, crimes and everything else that has been happening. I think its just one of the parks that has just been loss,” says Wilson who is president of the Evansville chapter of Mother’s Against Senseless Killings. The group works to combat senseless gun violence by working in and with the community.

Many adults remember Anthony Oates park at a more vibrant time.

“It had the swimming pool, the basketball courts and everything, they would come out and have a good time. It really hurts seeing it depreciate like it is,” says Wilson.

“We need to just come back outside and show them we aren’t scared to come out and have fun,” says Phillip Baker.

The idea is a joint effort that originated from Phillip Baker to remind to the neighborhood of community.

“Old fashion styled, just old cookout style just like family,” says Baker.

All people need to do is attend.

“We’ll be out here from 4-8 PM so bring yourself and a good attitude, and be ready to have some fun,” says Baker.

Folks of all ages can enjoy Evansville’s Summer Soak Fest with several activities.

“Music, we should have some food, and we should have water guns to pass out for anybody who doesn’t have water guns,” says Baker.

“We would have like to have seen more of the City’s outreach and to pour into this then what we have. Owensboro I know has one coming up in July. Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs they have just supported them wholeheartedly, and it breaks my heart that we cant get that same support from Evansville when you see what is going on in the city and has been going on.”

Organizers say they are going to fight for their community and in a fun way.

“I think they better leave their bling and watches in their car, leave it at home,” says President of Evansville Boss Inc which is a corporation to assist African-American males.

“Don’t come out here in your polo, guess whatever you all are wearing nowadays because you will be soaked,” says Payne.

Summer Soak Fest does have rules! Only Super Soaker water guns will be permitted. Do not bring anything that looks similar to a real gun. Backpacks, and fireworks are not permitted.

Donations are being accepted, as well as bringing your own Super Soaker water gun.



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