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The Summer Season Is Not Loosing Its Grip

Although we are about a week out from the start of autumn the mercury is stuck in the month of July. The heat and the humidity will continue as we progress through the workweek. A dome of high pressure is dominating our weather pattern for the next several days. With that high pressure slowly drifting to the east, not much of a relief from the heat or the mugginess will come to the Tri-State.

Getting out the door Tuesday morning temperatures will once again be on the milder side we will have an overnight low temperature of 70 degrees. Temperatures along with the humidity will be on the rise back into the upper-80s with heat indices ranging anywhere between the low-to-mid 90s.

Unfortunately, the warmer weather is not going anywhere anytime soon. According to the Climate Prediction Center, the next 6-10 days will have a decent chance of experiencing well-above average temperatures. Our average high temperature for late-September is around the lower-80s. We will continue to ride high 10 to 15 degrees above that.

In addition to that, Hurricane Humberto is still churning out in the Atlantic Ocean and is forecast to become a category 3. The good news is, Humberto still poses no threat to the Tri-State or to U.S. mainland. However, the eastward track of storm is impacting our weather keeping the dome of high pressure stationary over the mid section of the country.

The monotony of the heat and humidity appears to finally comes to an end by the end of weekend. Not only do we see a potential end to the heat but showers and thunderstorms will be apart of the transitions into cooler weather.



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