Subscribing to Major Streaming Services Could Cost Over $100 a Month

Before you sign up for a streaming service, take a moment to consider the cost of your streaming subscriptions will mean over time.

According to MarketWatch, you could spend up to $116.93 a month and $118,678 over the course of 50 year. That includes Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Amazon, Sling TV, Disney+, Apple TV+, and YouTube TV. The personal finance website uses a calculator that totals up the costs per month, plus factors in opportunity cost to get the “true” cost, inflation and anomalies over the years.

A person paying for Netflix and Hulu with no add-ons is looking at a monthly bill of $18.98 and a lifetime cost of $19,264. Adding Disney+ will increase your monthly bill to $25.97 per month, $26,358 over a lifetime and a “true” lifetime cost of $119,938.

According to a MarketWatch Twitter poll, only 58 percent of people responding said they only intend to pay for one or two services.



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