Stutzman Campaigning to Secure Senate Seat

An Indiana congressman looking to secure a senate seat is on the campaign trail.

On Saturday Representative Marlin Stutzman was in Evansville meeting with constituents. Stutzman is looking to secure the seat of retiring Indiana Senator Dan Coats. He joins Republican Eric Holcomb in the primary.

The U.S. Representative hosted a meet and greet at Party Central in downtown Evansville. There he spoke to voters about the presidential election, the coal-mining crisis and the economy.

He stressed to voters the importance of electing a president with conservative values saying that is what will turn America around.

Stutzman grew up on a farm in LaGrange County, Indiana and says his campaign is grassroots, “It’s about getting out and meeting people around the state and listening to the issues people are dealing with. As we met with folks today we heard a lot about the war on coal and what that’s doing to the industry and the difficulties it is creating for families.”

After Stutzman’s meet and greet he spoke with second amendment patriots at Westside Sportsman’s Club. He told members he never dreamed of being in politics and was focused on living the “American Dream.” At Westside Sportsman’s Club Stutzman advocated second amendment rights, “Real freedom and real liberty only come when you have the means to defend yourself.”

Hoosiers will vote on May 3rd for the Indiana primary.



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