Stores Consider Pulling FairLife Products Amid Controversy

Retailers across Indiana grappling with a hard decision to pull FairLife products off its shelves. One Terre Haute retailers has already started that process after it was revealed employees at Fair Oaks Farms were abusing animals.

Some stores have started pulling FairLife products from their shelves. This comes as Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana faces allegations of employees abusing their animals.

On Friday, Baesler Market in Terre Haute says it’s aware of the allegations and wants to discontinue the milk brand. A spokesperson with market says FairLife only makes up 5 % of milk sales at their store and it’s important to put “real thought” into suppliers.

In addition, the spokesperson says Baesler Market is committed to keeping products as local as possible because usually that means customers are getting better standards and practices and policies and a better idea of what’s actually going on.

Baesler has posted memos across the store explaining they are aware of the abuse and they will no longer pick up dairy products from the farm. At least three other small town retailers have started pulling FairLife products off their shelves after the video surfaced earlier this week.



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