In-Person Unemployment Assistance Offered in Owensboro

Since March, there have been over 900,000 unemployment claims in Kentucky.

About 90 percent of them have been processed, but that still leaves around 90,000 thousand people without help.

And unemployed Kentuckians voiced their frustrations with the unemployment while waiting in line at the new, remote state unemployment location in Owensboro.

“I became unemployed April 14th, and i filed my claim on April 16th, and it was due to lack of child care due to covid. I have not received anything or speak to anybody since i filed.

Anger and fear was the theme for everyone waiting in line here at the Owensboro community and technical college remote unemployment location.

Some having waited months since their last check, now looking to this in-person location as their last resort.

“I’m hoping they’ll release my $14,000 they owe me, because I haven’t received a check since March 30th. I actually talked to seven people. They never fixed the claim. I drove to Frankfort a week ago Thursday. I stood in line for ten hours. They told me I’d have a check within two to three days, and I never received anything, so that s why I’m here.”

And though spirits were low for those waiting outside for their appointments, the mood of those that had been able to speak to someone, was completely different.

“They were able to fix it, and switch my claim over to what it needed to be, and I’m getting all of my back pay,” said Bowling Green resident Ariel Dickerson.
I believe everyone’s coming out happy, so I feel like everyone else in line has hope.”

And a couple of other people who had already received in-person assistance echoed those same positive feelings.

“A lot of people were coming out happy, and then the people before us said that people seemed to be leaving in better spirits than what they did coming in.”

This in-person unemployment location was open Monday and will remain open until the end of the day on Tuesday.



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