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From Spring-Like to Period of Much Overall Colder, Icy to Snowy Weather

After a dreary, rainy, windy Saturday, a dreary, drizzly to showery Sunday, then a windy, warmer, rainy/stormy Monday-Tuesday morning, temperatures will fall Tuesday PM.  0.75″ to 2″ of rainfall is possible Saturday-Tuesday morning with some minor river flooding possible in places.

Windy, colder weather will arrive mid- to late-next week.

As we approach & get into mid-January, it will turn sharply colder overall.  As a matter of fact, this cold may start to blast in as early as next weekend with the first round of wintry precipitation (ice, snow or both?).  With this blast, the potential of us seeing multiple snow/ice episodes will increase.  Get ready for a change toward cold, slippery, wintry conditions for a while!




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