Special Needs Student Targeted in Online Bullying

Administrators at a Newburgh school are speaking out again, after another report of students bullying a peer with special needs.

A concerned parent posted screenshots on Facebook that she says shows Castle High School students attacking one of their own for having special needs.

Those screenshots appear to show those students messaging in a group chat and repeatedly used degrading names and descriptions for the targeted Castle High student, with comments that made fun of perceived social and mental differences.

A statement from Castle High School administration indicates that the chat took place over the weekend outside of school hours.

School staff said that the incident is being addressed according to state and county policies and that some of the students said to have been involved have been disciplined for their actions.

This latest incident echoes a similar one at Castle High School earlier this year.

In May, several of the students at Castle that semester went online with accusations that a group of teenagers attacked another student with special needs at the school.

They reported that a student had milk thrown on her, and other students were laughing when she started to cry.

During that incident, Superintendent Brad Schneider said he was aware of the issue, and surveillance video would be pulled to make a final determination on the fate of those involved.

In 2013, the Warwick County School Board adopted an anti-bullying policy meant to address problems with student-to-student interaction.



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