Southridge Baseball Prepares for Semi-State

For the first time ever, the Southridge Raiders have won back to back regional titles.

Experience helps, but the feeling never gets

old and dog piling on league stadium for Tucker and Patrick and Joe’s last time

was definitely awesome,” said Camden Gasser.

“It felt great especially getting to do it at home in front of all the people that were here representing and just cheering us on, it felt like half of Huntingburg was here I’ve said that a few times, but really our focus is already moving on to semi-state,” said Tucker Schank.

This weekend also makes a return to semi-state for the second consecutive year, and the Raiders believe last year’s experience will serve them well.

“I think the fact that it’s not the first time, all of these guys were here last year.”

“It shouldn’t be a shock to see what the atmosphere will be like and just having that experience will help,” said head coach Gene Mattingly.

“We’ve been there before so it really just comes down to who plays the better baseball game, who can handle the pressure and I feel like our experience will help us out from last year,” said Schank

Southridge will face South Vermillion on Saturday and the Raiders are prepared for whatever the Wildcats will throw at them.

“We’re playing a good team, we already have some information on the team we’re playing so we’re just going to execute the game play go about practice how we usually do but implementing some different strategies that our coaches have learned about our opponent in the past few weeks,” said Schank

“They’re going to be a good team, I heard their catcher is very good, so we’re going to have to tone down a little bit the aggressiveness on the base paths, but I think we’ll be just fine and we’re going to challenge them and hopefully come out with a win,” said Gasser.



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