Social Justice Rally Planned for Saturday

Here at home, local activists are looking to make their voices heard in what they call a “Peaceful Rally for Justice.”

That’s set for this Saturday at 12:00 noon at the Four Freedoms Monument in Evansville.

The event comes amid continuing developments out of Minnesota in the wake of the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis police

The rally against social injustice is scheduled to last until 2 pm.

Those preparing to go have begun making signs–not just for Floyd, but others they believe were unjustly killed.

Organizers are working with Evansville Police, who say they will be keeping an eye on the event as the would any larger gathering.

Ebon Ellis, who has led the charge on setting up Saturday’s rally says, he’s just a regular person trying to make a stand–and he’s asking for more partners to stand with him:

“I would love for people–pastors to come pray. We do have somebody who’s offered to pray. She’s just like me though. A normal person. I’d love community organizers to reach out to me, and ask me, ‘Do they want prayer?'”

The latest demonstrations in Evansville will come in the wake of several across Kentucky reacting to police actions.

In Madisonville Thursday evening, peaceful protesters carried signs calling for justice for George Floyd.

While in Louisville that night, seven people were shot during a protest of local policing.

Both event organizers and Evansville police say, they anticipate Saturday’s demonstration–and the city–to remain peaceful.



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