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Sneak Peek: Violet

The latest Evansville Civic Theatre “Next Wave” production asks, “what is beauty,” and “are miracles real?”

We’re taking you through the back-stage doors for an exclusive sneak peek at “Violet”, open this weekend.

It is 1964, and a girl with a ticket, a suitcase, and a heart full of expectation waits for a greyhound bus in sleepy spruce pine, north carolina.

Violet Karl is in search of a miracle…The healing touch of a tv evangelist who will make her beautiful..for the right amount of cash.

As a child, her father’s axe slipped as he chopped wood, and Violet’s face bears the tale of the horrendous accident.

Violet struggles to reconcile her memories of her childhood visage with what she sees in the mirror now…especially on her journey to transformation.

Despite her appearance, Violet forms unlikely friendships with her fellow riders, who teach her about beauty, love, courage and what it means to be an outsider, including a young, African-American soldier whose love for her reaches far past her physical “imperfections.”

Although she may not succeed in having the scar on her face healed, Violet is able to repair those scars that are lying deeper than her skin.

Violet is inspired by the short story, “The Ugliest Pilgrim” by Doris Betts, astounding critics and audiences alike in two separate decades.

Violet is a powerhouse piece of theatre with unforgettable performances, sure to take an audience’s breath away!

“Violet” opens tonight at Evansville Civic Theatre, and runs through this weekend and next with Sunday matinees

Tickets are $18 for adults, $16 for seniors and $12 for students.

They expect to sell out, so get your tickets in advance!

Tell them you saw it here on 44News, and let me know what you thought of the show.

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