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Sneak Peek: Schymik’s Kitchen

Haynie’s Corner has definitely changed over the last few years — becoming a destination for locals and tourists alike — and it’s changing again!

If you’re a fan of Sauced, then you know that Scott Schymik is a talented chef who doesn’t shy away from adventurous dishes…and his newest venture promises to be a global wanderer’s dream — without the price of plane fare.

The newest addition to Haynie’s Corner is sophisticated, modern, elegant and minimal with a nod to the history of the building.

Schymik’s Kitchen” is unique in that while it has an upscale, special occasion atmosphere, it’s an accessible, every day restaurant.

The menu lists “small” and “large” because Schymik’s is meant to be a shared experience!

The “Russian Carrots” with Duck Confit from the “small” menu is about 1/4 portion, while the “Grilled Cabbage Caesar” from the “large” menu is about a 1/2 portion — perfect for that girlfriend (like me) that’s not really hungry…but when she sees that food, she is going to want a bite…or two…or three.

While some restaurants focus on a singular motif, Scott Schymik decided to go global.

We’re really excited to show everybody what we can do!
It’s mostly like a ‘test kitchen’ atmosphere for us, so we’ve got global flavors everywhere from North Africa to Russia, South America…
We’re doing a lot of different flavors, it’s going to be great!
I hope people enjoy the experience of not really having a theme to a menu, or a theme to your dinner idea.
You can have just so many exquisite, different flavors throughout your whole meal.
It’s going to be something else.

Think of it like a passport, where your flavor destination awaits!

For about $40, your taste buds can tour 4 different countries!

While you will find classic cocktails, the emphasis here is on wine, and #SipLocal.

Aside from having an extensive wine list. we’re focusing on Indiana distilled spirits and Indiana made wines and brewed beer.
So we’re going to have a small Indiana wine list, our cocktail menu is going to be focused on Indiana distilled spirits, we’ll also have 4 rotating Indiana brewed craft beers as well.

And everything is made from scratch including breads, their banana ketchup (sounds gross, but trust me, it’s amazing) and even the steak sauce!

Take a trip to a unique flavor destination at Schymik’s Kitchen.

Find Schymik’s Kitchen at 1112 Parrett Street in Evansville, they open tomorrow night!

Be prepared to travel the world in one sitting — and remember that all the menu items are meant to be shared.

Let them know you heard about them here on 44News, and let me know what you thought of the newest place on Haynie’s Corner.

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