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Sneak Peek: The Play About the Baby

American playwright Edward Albee has been seeing a resurgence of his shows in the Tri-State.

You’ve surely heard of his play, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”…

If you’re into slashing insight, witty dialogue and frank examinations of the modern condition, the newest production at 321 North Congress — opening this weekend —I s right up your alley, and we have your exclusive sneak peek.

It is Eden, and Boy and Girl are very much in love…

So much so that Girl announces that their family will be expanding soon.

Their paradise is ruined, however, by the arrival of a mean-spirited older couple who have come to steal the newborn.

How innocent they are. Pure. You would think they were in Eden.


Because, as Man says…

Wounds, children, wounds. If you have no wounds, how do you know you’re alive?

As Boy and Girl begin to question them, Man and Woman imply that the baby they are talking about might not be real.

Boy and Girl try to make sense of what is happening as Man and Woman gradually begin telling their own stories back to them in a twisted fashion, altering key details and, in the process, claiming these memories and past experiences as their own.

As Man and Woman plunge Boy and Girl further and further into their verbal labyrinth, Boy and Girl begin questioning their own realities, until anger gives way to frustration and desperation.

Boy repeats his speech asking for more time to be happy together, to which man replies…

Time’s up.

Through a series of mind games and manipulations, Man and Woman call into question both couples’ sense of reality and fiction, joy and sorrow.

Winner of three Pulitzer Prizes for drama during his long and distinguished career, Edward Albee is one of America’s preeminent playwrights.

“The Play About the Baby” is an absurdist black comedy, reminiscent of burlesque in its high spirits and banter, that grapples with such issues as reality and the games we play to define it, the ambiguity of existence, and the agonizing bonds between parents and children.

Edward Albee’s “The Play About the Baby” opens tonight at 321 North Congress in Evansville, and runs all weekend with a Sunday matinee.

***Please be advised this show contains explicit language and adult content.***

Tickets are $12.

Let them know you saw it here on 44News, and tell me what you thought about the show!

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