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Sneak Peek: Image May Contain

Last year, STAGEtwo held a summer play-writing workshop competition, and author Alice Shen took home the prize!

And now her creation, “Image May Contain” is coming to life this weekend, and we have your sneak peek.

Meet Pearl — an aimless artist/rideshare driver…crashing at her former foster brother Sebastion’s apartment.

She’s Chinese; he’s black.

They grew up together in the foster care system and have been a bit codependent ever since.

When Ruby, their former foster sister reappears in their lives to deliver news about Pearl’s late birth father’s last wish that she go to Taiwan to perform Buddhist funeral rites, all of their privileges, responsibilities, and allegiances are challenged.

With nods to the accessible alt-text that appears in slow-loading internet images, “Image May Contain” is a darkly comic exploration of racial identity, life-share culture and the families we choose.

“Image May Contain” opens tonight, and will run through this weekend only at 321 North Congress in Evansville.

Expect a lot of deep and moving dialogue that spins the tale as fast as the actors can speak.

When you go, tell them that you saw it here on 44News, and tell me what you thought of the show!

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