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Sneak Peek: Henry IV Pt. 1

The latest New Place Theatrical Company’s production is the first part of an historical story so rife with drama, it takes two plays to tell the tale.

Henry IV, Part 1, is a bloody saga of family, country, guilt and greedy plots…here’s your exclusive sneak peek:

Henry Bolingbroke now King Henry IV is having an unquiet reign…

…just lead wizened generals and reverend bishops to bloody arms and bruising battles!

He’s got blood on his hands and is wracked with some serious guilt.

Military news interrupts the aging king’s plans to lead a crusade…which would have eased his self-condemnation over usurping his predecessor.

Even more troubling, he is increasingly at odds with the family who helped him to his throne…

Art though not ashamed? But henceforth sir, let me not hear you speak of that revolting Mortimer.

…and the previous ruler’s chosen heir.

Adding even more to King Henry’s troubles is the very un-royal behavior of his son and heir, the Prince of Wales.

Hal (the future Henry V) has forsaken the royal court to waste his time drinking in bars with criminals and highwaymen…and hanging around with vagrants and other shady characters on the seedier side of London.

Henry’s luck turns with a win over the rebels, a chance at executing a rival, and his son showing himself — finally as a ruler — but will that luck hold?

Rife with both bawdy laughs…

You starveling, you elf skin, you dried neat’s tongue, you stock-fish!
O for breath to utter what is like thee!

…and intense combat, this production pits a timelessly stark, utilitarian court against the colorfully thriving drag scene of Eastcheap.

In the midst of tumultuous historical events, civil war and rebellion…will one royal family be able to save their country…and themselves?

Henry IV Part 1 opens tonight at 321 North Congress, and runs through the weekend with a Sunday matinee.

Tickets are free and seating is first come, first serve.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on-stage with the players – Falstaff encourages full audience participation!

Tell them you heard about the show here, and let me know what you thought of it.

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