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Sneak Peek: Harvey

A girl walks into a bar and meets a sweet, mild-mannered man…whose best friend is a Pooka…?

It’s not the set-up for a joke, it’s the latest production at the Evansville Civic Theatre…and we have your exclusive sneak peek.

Society matron Veta Louise Simmons is becoming increasingly frustrated attempting to keep the eccentricities of her brother, Elwood P. Dowd, from public view.

Elwood is the biggest heartache I have! And even if people do say he’s peculiar, he’s still my brother.

Elwood is a polite and friendly man…but he drinks…and his best friend “Harvey”, is a six-foot-one-and-a-half-inch-tall rabbit that no one else can see.

To Elwood, the constant companionship of a Pooka– a mischievous spirit from Celtic folklore–is just everyday life.

As you can see, he’s a Pooka. Harvey, you’ve heard me speak of Mrs. Chauevenois.

But to prim Veta, the unseen Harvey is social death.

I can’t face those people now! He’s introducing Harvey to everybody!

Veta’s concern that the rabbit will interfere with her life as a socialite, comes to a furious boil when Elmer tries to introduce Harvey to her party guests.

Given that Elwood controls the family estate, the only way to salvage their reputation is to have him institutionalized.

At her wits’ ends, she attempts to pack Elmer off to the local sanitorium…

I want him committed…permanently, I can’t stand another day with that Harvey!

…only to get committed herself as Dr. Sanderson begins to suspect that her attempt to commit Elwood is just a cover-up for her own psychosis.

When Elwood leaves the sanatorium grounds unbothered, the town is turned upside down as everyone goes on the lookout for this mild-mannered hero and his huge invisible rabbit.

Mary Chase’s Pulitzer-winning 1944 3 Act Comedy is a delectable mid-century chestnut with an idiosyncratic personality that still sparkles with several laugh-out-loud moments.

But the real gem of the play is the loveable, sweet Elwood…who understands that it’s wiser to be kind than smart.

(Sound like someone you know?)

Evansville Civic Theatre’s production of “Harvey” runs tonight, tomorrow, and there will be a Sunday matinee…the perfect ending to Sunday Funday!

Student tickets are $12, adults are $18…there are discounted tickets available for Seniors and Veterans.

When you go, tell them you saw it here on 44News, and tell me what you thought of the show.

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