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Sneak Peek: Evansville Ballet’s “Aladdin”

Thanks to Disney, we all know a version of the story “Aladdin”.

Evansville Ballet’s latest production is a fresh take on the famous fairytale, and promises to transport you to a whole new world.

It is ancient Arabia and a handsome young orphan runs wild through the city streets, charming the local girls, and stealing his meals.

In the palace, a beautiful princess struggles with a life changing decision…the Sultan demands she marry a prince…and soon.

Torn between the love for her father, and her own independence, Princess Jasmine decides to run away from the palace.

When Jasmine makes her escape, she finds herself in the marketplace-and face to face with Aladdin, who finds himself immediately enamored with the anonymous girl.

When Aladdin is caught stealing an apple, Princess Jasmine must reveal her identity in order to save him from a prison sentence.

But the Grand Vizier Jafar has other ideas.

He throws Aladdin to the merciless “Keeper of the Lamp”, who swiftly locks the boy away.

Alone, and in the dark, Aladdin is desperate to break out.

Suddenly, he stumbles upon an old lamp, and when he rubs the dust away…a genie appears who will grant Aladdin’s wishes!

Choreographed by Evansville Ballet’s Mark Bush, Aladdin features an all ages cast including guest professionals and a sweeping score of classical ballet selections.

Will the genie help Aladdin escape and get the girl?

Will the “Keeper of the Lamp” and Jafar continue to punish the orphan?

This version of the best known and most retold of all fairy tales from “The Book of One Thousand and One Nights” will keep you spellbound as it unfolds beautifully on stage through dance.

You can see Evansville Ballet’s “Aladdin”, this Saturday and Sunday at the Preston Arts Center in Henderson.

When you go, tell them you saw it here on 44News and let me know what you thought of the show.

PS, a trip to the ballet is a great Mothers Day gift.

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