Shrinersfest Airshow Takes Flight

Throughout Evansville not even some wet weather today could keep people inside.

Some scattered showers moved across Shrinersfest, but fortunately most of the thunder heard has been from some amazing war machines.

No butterflies in Evansville’s skies, but some brave airmen can go twice as high, and then some.

“It’s awesome so far. Watch them jump out of planes, flying an American flag,” said festivalgoer Brandon Newsome.

Pilots and parachuters descended along the Ohio River,braving some tough elements, but the show must go on.

“I’m very proud of everyone who has served our country for our freedom here,” Newsome said.

Military men showcased their skills at Shrinersfest, but it wasn’t only veterans taking part.

“We have military acts and we have private acts. A lot of those private acts are heritage flights. These are planes that are built for World War II and other wars that we had,” explained Hadi Shriner Dale Thomas.

But even the greatest soaring acrobatics can have humble origins.

“We did this several years ago and it started out rather small. We had a static display. I think it morphed over the years. We brought in more and more,” Thomas recounted.

But there’s so much more to these cartwheeling crafts than just something fun to see.

“Evansville has a rich heritage from world war ii. We built the LSTs here. We had Rosie Riveters right here. We bring back as many of those war planes as we can to show that heritage,” Thomas stated.

Connecting the past with the future, and inspiring pride in the armed forces.

“They work super hard to protect America,” praised Kendall Voelker

The LST-325 also made an appearance in Evansville, but due to delays at the air show and weather concerns organizers cancelled the World War II reenactment.



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