Shots Fired Into Owensboro Car

Police in Owensboro are left with more questions than answers, after multiple bullets blew out the window of a car and the rear door around 1:00 AM September 1st.

Those living at the apartment complex where that vehicle was parked say they’re thankful that it was just a vehicle that ended up riddled with shots, instead of them or their family members.

Neighbors in the apartments off Hall Street found themselves shaken out of bed to the sound of gunfire right outside their windows.

“We heard five or six pops–we heard someone scream police and we heard five or six pops. We came outside and by that time police were already pulling up here and someone had shot up the neighbor’s car downstairs,” recalled neighbor William Bickett.

Police say as many as seven bullets pierced through the metal and glass of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz, but they don’t think whomever committed the act of violence was doing so just out of opportunity.

“I don’t think it’s going to be random just because of the fact it was isolated to one vehicle, and one location. But as to what the motivation behind it was, we have not determined that at this point,” explained Officer Andrew Boggess with Owensboro Police.

While the reasons behind the shooting remain under investigation, those living just steps from the incident are reminded of what happened every time they look outside.

“I was actually wondering what was actually going on outside my door, and was thinking ‘should I pretty much jump on top of my girls and hit the floor,'” said neighbor Tonya Boyken.

They say the worry they had for their children that night still carries over.

“It could’ve very simply been one of us. They could’ve shot up here, shot up our apartment and everything. It’s got some fear in us. I’m just worried about how we can protect the baby. Having that happen so close to my home, it’s not very safe,” worried Bickett.

Officers are still looking for a suspect in this case.

Those with information are asked to reach out to Owensboro Police.



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