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Shortlived Evansville Suburban and Newburgh Train Line

As the town of Newburgh continues to expand, inching closer and closer to Evansville each day, it’s hard to imagine when making a trip to the historic river town was an all-day adventure.

Just after the turn of the 20th century, the Evansville Suburban and Newburgh Railroad welcomed its first passengers. The train depot, which still stands along Water Street in Newburgh is now home to Baker Retirement and Wealth Management. Evansville commuters would board the train from a depot inside Stockwell Woods, now know as Wesselman Woods. Another line then ran round-trip routes to a bustling Boonville, passing through Stephenson Station and Chandler.

As highways were enhanced, buses and automobiles became the primary mode of transportation, and by December of 1930, the 11 mile long Evansville Suburban and Newburgh Railroad route ceased operations.



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