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Severe Weather Threat Wednesday and Thursday

We’re all headed for an active 48 hour period across the Tri-State. A passing warm front late Wednesday morning will generate a cluster of showers and storms that is currently expected to reach our westernmost counties between 10AM and 11AM before arriving in Evansville around 12PM. Some of the cells embedded within this cluster may produce damaging straight-line winds and isolated tornadic rotation. As a result, the Storm Prediction Center of America has placed a good portion of the region under a “1” on the Threat Index for Wednesday; after beginning at 10AM, the threat of Severe Weather is expected to last until 5PM.

Another round of potentially Severe storms is expected to affect the Tri-State beginning Thursday evening. After another warm front lifts showers and storms northward across the region Thursday morning, strong southerly winds will help drive temperatures into the mid to low 70s that afternoon (Evansville’s high of 73° will be the warmest felt here since October 20th of last year). A line of storms developing across portions of Missouri and Arkansas will interact with the excess warmth at the surface and strengthen by the time they reach our westernmost counties around 7PM.

The line of storms will continue to gain strength as they slowly progress eastward across the Tri-State. Current projections indicate that the line will reach Evansville between 11PM or 12AM. The event is expected to last into the predawn hours Friday before exiting east of the region before sunrise. Some of the cells embedded within the line may produce damaging straight-line winds, large hail and isolated tornadic rotation. The SPC has placed entire Tri-State under a “1” on the Threat Index for Thursday and early Friday; after kicking off at 7PM, our Severe Weather threat will last until 4AM.

Remember to remain Weather Aware and practice Social Distancing, wash your hands and try not to touch your face.



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