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Severe Storms Possible Tonight

As 11 AM the Storm Prediction Center has maintain the 3 out of 5 for most of the Tri-State. The prime hours of seeing severe storms will be between the hours of 11 PM – 4 AM tonight.

This appears to be another nightly event. With that said, it would be ideal to have the weather radios and other weather alerts turned on to receive warnings that may be issued.

The main concerns with the development of these storms will be damaging wind gust, hail and a few tornadoes. We have already received heavy rain this morning. We will be catching a break throughout the afternoon and evening hours. Any additional sunshine we receive throughout the daylight hours will help recharge the atmosphere. Temperatures will continue to surge into the upper-60s and lower-70s.

As the cold front draws closer and interact with the warm moist air mass storms will begin to build in our western Illinois counties around 11 PM. Some of those storms will be discrete in formation and will have the capacity and growth to possibly be super-cellular. As those storms migrate eastward a squall line will develop and impact the metro area by 12:30AM/ 1AM. The biggest threat will be damaging winds in excess of 60 MPH or greater and brief tornadic spin ups can not be ruled out along the line.



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