Senate Bill 35: Many Are Calling “Laughable Legislation”

New legislation introduced to the Indiana general assembly is getting the attention of the LGBT community.

Republican Senator Jim Tomes is the author of Senate Bill 35. The bill introduced to the Indiana legislature would make it a criminal offense to enter a restroom that does not match a person’s biological gender.

The proposed legislation defines gender by an individual’s chromosomes and physical anatomy at birth. The bill highlights school restrooms but it would also make it a class A misdemeanor for a man or woman to enter a single-sex public facility designated only for members of the opposite sex.

Florida House Bill 583 dubbed “Florida’s Bathroom Bill” was similar legislation that failed in the Florida general assembly.

Many believe the bills aims at attacking the trans-gender community and are calling the legislation laughable, “No legitimate member of the general assembly that wants to work on serious issues you know will push this bill, our youth group actually met this weekend and it included members who are trans-gender and they really did think this is laughable and I think they’ll be at the meet the legislator’s meetings to give Senator Tomes feedback,” said Wally Paynter, President of Tri-State Alliance.

44News tried reaching Senator Tomes for comment but did not receive a response by deadline.



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