Semi Driver From Deadly Indy Crash to Plead Guilty but Mentally Ill

A semi-truck driver accused of killing three people in a deadly crash last year has agreed to plead guilty but mentally ill.

Bruce Pollard is charged with three counts of reckless homicide and five counts of criminal recklessness causing injury following the fatal wreck on I-465 in Indianapolis that killed a mother and her 18-month-old twin babies.

From the moment he was arrested, Pollard’s mental health was in question, as he initially showed no remorse for killing three people.

Prosecutors say Pollard caused the deaths of Alanna Norman Koons, 29, and her 18-month-old twins June and Ruby Koons.

Koons and her twins were in their car on I-465 last July when prosecutors claim Pollard got distracted while reaching for a beverage in his vehicle, which caused the fatal crash.

Investigators with the State Police claim Pollard didn’t notice traffic had slowed for construction work and caused a chain reaction crash.

After claiming his client showed signs of mental illness last year, Pollard’s attorney filed a motion that sought a psychiatric exam.

While doctors eventually ruled Pollard competent to stand trial for reckless homicide, a plea agreement now calls for Pollard to be sentenced to three to nine years in state custody.

Attorney Jess Mendes was quoted saying, “It would seem to me all parties have agreed this person does have some issues,” going on to explain, “A lot of people are under the misunderstanding that if you plead guilty but mentally ill, a lot of people perceive they’ll get treatment and be released. That is absolutely not the case,”

Although the plea deal has been signed by the defense and the prosecution, ultimately the judge still has the final approval.



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