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As Seen on TV: Rocket Copters

“Rocket Copters” promise in their “As Seen on TV” commercials to be the “radical, super bright, light up the night helicopters”.

A quick look at the box, and you’ll notice a few things…

First, there are the claims that these small, flimsy pieces of plastic will travel up to 150 feet…and that the high intensity LED lights can be seen up to a 1/2 mile away.

Seems far fetched.

The next thing you’ll notice is that you have to fold along some lines, and the directions clearly leave a few things to be desired.

But they reminded me of “Sky Dancers”, and those were fun, so why not?

As soon as I saw the slingshot…I had even more doubts.

Gretchin: Oh.


Kira: It broke!

Gretchin: New slingshot!

There were 4 of them, that was for a reason…because they’re not good.

(2nd one breaks, all laugh)

Gretchin: Show it to me, show it to me!

We didn’t even get to use it.

Attempt 3.

It broke again?

Zane: Right when I was about to let it go.

At this point, I was ready to give up…but at the same time, I have to give this toy a fair chance.

So, after a few pitiful (but better) attempts…using different sized rubber bands, I decided to enlist the assistance of a professional…seriously, this guy’s an Engineer…and the first trick he found was how to use your finger as a slingshot.

As our engineer continued to experiment further, the lights that *quote* “can be seen up to 1/2 mile away”, actually got the attention of Maintenance who rushed over to be sure we weren’t setting off fireworks.

So I guess they are pretty visible from a long way off, and when you master them, they make fun sounds!

And after our engineer bent the wings at a more upward angle?


And we did have fun!

I don’t know about the one hundred and fifty feet out…we probably got about 60, and maybe 30 feet vertical flutters, which was enough for us.

Were they worth the average price of ten dollars?

Use our tips before you decide,and be sure to always keep your receipts.

-Use a thick, short rubber band (not the ones that come in the package).
-Attach the band to your index finger.
-Point your index finger (with rubber band) up at about a 60-75 degree angle, while holding the wing-tips together with the other hand, pointing the wing-tips toward the ground.
-Pull back tightly, and let fly!
**They make fun sounds!**

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