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See the New “Museum on the Move” Saturday

The Tri-State is full of rich history — and one village has been preserving theirs, but had to close its displays and find a new space.

Newburgh Museum is ready to re-open tomorrow…and you’re going to want to visit this “museum on the move”!

A slave escaping to freedom on a hollowed out log, a tenant farmer’s rise to State Senator, a woman who buzzed the town after delivering the forecast…Newburgh Museum has a new location and now are continuing to tell these tales and more.

I don’t think people realize the history and the culture that exists here; the famous people, the places…and that’s our purpose is to help people understand what happened, how it happened and to collect and preserve those artifacts that will retain that history, and the culture of Newburgh.
We’re a unique river town!

Despite its very rich history, the Newburgh Museum is only 7 years old — and in that 7 years, has become a “museum on the move”.

One of the things that’s important to us is that we not lose the past, that we bring the past into the present and we make it come alive by the artifacts that we are given.
We take those and we create a story about the past.

The stories are the focus at Newburgh Museum, with each display case telling tales of Newburgh’s past.

Each shelf has a unique history and artifacts in it, and we have outlined what that artifact is, the story behind that artifact so you can learn about the past history; and when we talk about bringing past history into the present and bringing it to life, that’s what we’re talking about is creating that story.

Who was the wild weather woman with her wings?

Why do they call a confederate general, “Stovepipe” Johnson?

These answers — and many more enthralling stories — can be found at Newburgh Museum.

You can join Newburgh Museum for their ribbon-cutting at the new location — 503 State Street in Newburgh.

View the latest exhibit, “Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads” and they’ll have refreshments, live music, and an elf reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Make sure you tell them you heard it here, and let me know if you figure out who the flying forecaster was.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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