Body Found, Search Continues for Missing Teen

Evansville Police are investigating after a body was found during the search for Aleah Beckerle. Authorities say the body is a male and was discovered near Pigeon Creek. No further information is available at this time.

Two weeks have passed without any signs of 19 year old Aleah Beckerle. More than 50 volunteers gathered at Delaware Elementary in Evansville on Saturday to help search for the missing teen.

Beckerle who suffers from cerebral palsy was reported missing from her home on Sunday July 17th. On Saturday, organizers with Equu Search told volunteers they were looking for a white “hospital-like” bed sheet and a black t-shirt. Evansville Police along with Texas Equu Search have been working together trying to find the disabled teen since she was reported missing, “You have to be optimistic and think she could possibly still be alive but we also have to keep in mind that as days turns into weeks that glimmer of hope kind of starts to fade away,” said Equu Search official David Rader.

Rader adds all resources available to the search efforts are being utilized. Volunteers wanting to help are asked to be at Delaware Elementary no later than 8 in the morning on Sunday.



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