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Schools Prepare for Colder Weather

“We have a team of three people keeping an eye on the weather,” says Jared Revlett from Owensboro Public Schools.

School delays and cancellations are a tricky decision to make for school leaders across the tristate.

“It’s not just the buses can’t make it. There is a whole lot more that we look into,” says Ben Payne, from Henderson County Schools.

School officials say in order for classes to be canceled or delayed due to the brutally brisk wind, the mercury would have to drop to a potentially deadly low with wind chills into the negatives.

“Being in an urban setting, we have students who walk so we also take into effect the conditions of the sidewalks and the temperature outside,” says Revlett.

School administrators also take into account how long students will be waiting at the bus stop.

“We encourage moms and dads to dress properly, try to wait in the house as long as they can until they see the bus then come out,” says David Frye, Mount Vernon Schools Director of Buildings and Grounds.

“Our bus drivers do a really great job that they are patient and wait to make sure all of the students come out and catch the bus on those really cold mornings,” says Revlett.

Even though students eagerly wait for their warm bus- make sure your kids don’t run towards the bus right away, that could be a fatal mistake.

“Let the driver make it stop and get it to shut down and get traffic shut down,” says Payne.



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