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Schools Announce Cancellations or Delays

The arctic blast could create unsafe conditions for kids at the bus stop tomorrow. More schools are starting to announce closures and cancellations.

Educators say they always try to make a decision by five in the morning to cancel or delay class.

School leaders say when winter weather is expected, they monitor the forecast to see if a closure or delay may be necessary.

“We get up at three in the morning and we start running the roads,” says David Frye, Mount Vernon Schools Director of Buildings and Grounds.

School districts have their winter weather crews drive the bus routes, testing out the road conditions and paying close attention to both city and county roads. Then they get together to make the most informed decision possible.

“What one of us may see on the northeast side of the county isn’t necessarily what the one on the southwest side,” says Ben Payne Henderson County Transportation Director.

School leaders tell 44News they try to decide if the school will be closed or delayed in the morning by 5:00. That’s when they will have the best idea of weather and road conditions, but these decisions aren’t simple to make.

“It’s not just the buses can’t make it there’s a whole lot more that we look into,” says Payne.

Educators say wind chill is a big contributor to school delays or closures.

“How long the little ones will have to stand outdoors to wait for a bus. That’s big-time,” says Frye. “If they’re not dressed properly, you can get frostbite.”

This is why the most widespread safety concern for the upcoming school day is the dangerous wind chills. When wind chills dip below zero, you can get frostbite in just five minutes.

“We encourage moms and dads to dress properly. Try to wait in the house as long as they can until they see the bus and then come out,” says Frye.

When the roads are slick, make sure your kids know not to run towards their warm school bus.

“Let the driver make it stop and get it to shut down and get traffic shut down,” says Payne.

If you have high school students who drive themselves, make sure they have enough gas in their car and a winter weather kit in case they get stuck or their car breaks down.

Make sure your kids have some gloves, a heavy jacket, and a winter hat for chilly winter school days.

There are several road closures and delays for Tuesday, November 12, 2019. Warrick County Schools, Henderson County Schools, MSD of Mount Vernon, and the EVSC will be closed.



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