Scam Alert: Jury Duty Scam Targets Kentucky Teachers

Attorney General Andy Beshear has issued a scam alert warning of a new scam that is targeting Kentucky school systems and teachers.

Beshear says his office received multiple reports of a “Deputy Hart” calling schools asking to speak with a specific teacher who allegedly has an outstanding warrant or missed jury duty.

School officials are being threatened with obstruction charges if the scammer is not given information or allowed to speak with the teacher, according to Beshear.

Reports say teachers are being requested by the scammer to make payments to resolve the legal matter and avoid arrest.

School officials are advised to follow these tips to avoid falling victim to the scam:

  • Change your privacy settings
  • Verify the call
  • Never pay over the phone using gift cards or reloadable credit cards

According to Beshear’s office, since the start of 2019, there have been 23 reports of these scams in Breckinridge, Campbell, Fayette, Hardin, Henderson, Jefferson, Kenton, Ohio, Owen and Shelby counties, with losses totaling nearly $2,000.



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