Sandlot Series Coming to League Stadium

On April 25th, The Ohio Valley League announced the cancellation of its 2020 baseball season due to Covid-19 and as a result, players were without options for summer ball.

But now incoming college freshman and returning players will have a chance to get together and sharpen their skills

“First a not for profit was created by my son and several of our coaches from the high school staff along with a couple of former players wanting to provide an opportunity for returning college players as well as high school 2020 grads that were going on to play college.”

“There’s enough college players around our area that are getting sent home that we can stay sharp and get good competition so when we finally get to start our season back up everybody will still be in game shape,” said Southridge head baseball coach Gene Mattingly.

Once there was an interest for this event, organizers got to work to find a facility to host this series.

“With no high school season and no Bombers season, the stadium was basically going to be empty all summer long. I sat down with the mayor of Huntingburg, Mayor Spinner, the mayor was very supportive, and asked for a proposal as to what we would do and we got the approval of the city parks board and the mayor and that’s how it got started.”

With a gathering of this many people, organizers had to make a plan to make sure players are able to play in a safe environment.

“We’re going to ask them to self regulate to a certain extent on that end. Obviously, if they are feeling sick or showing any signs of illness to stay home.”

The series is set to begin next Sunday, June 14th at 3 p.m. eastern in Huntingburg, players wishing to participate must pay a participation fee of $150. A liability waiver and a player profile will also be collected before the start of training.



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