Safe Haven Baby Box to Be Installed

It’s an effort to help young Hoosiers and struggling families. The Evansville Fire Department plans to install two safe haven baby boxes in the River City.

Parents and family groups have been working to bring awareness to the concern on social media for a while. This agreement comes after a local government board unanimously approved the project.

“There was basically a contract signed with the safety board where it will move forward in the agreements in the city and the department,” says Evansville Fire Department Division Chief.

At the Board of Public Safety meeting on Wednesday, they approved an agreement between the Right to Life, Safe Haven Baby Box Incorporated and the city to bring baby boxes to Vanderburgh County. The tools will be paid for by Right to Life, saving taxpayers money.

“They will be installed in fire stations. They are temperature controlled, they have several alarms within the box to notify medical personnel,” says Sabrina Newton from Right to Life Southwest Indiana. “They are always installed where medical personnel can assist.” This way medical professionals can check the baby within five minutes of it being surrendered.

First responders say having babies surrendered in Vanderburgh County isn’t a common trend, but for some people, this could be a life-altering tool.

“For women who probably aren’t in a position to care for their child,” says Larson.

Although, Right to Life isn’t the only one spear-heading one of these projects.

Just last week, a mother who started raising money on Facebook exceeded her $10,000 goal. Jen Savage was motivated by a shocking incident where investigators deemed a three-month-old baby died from blunt force trauma. The baby’s father is father being hit with the charges. You can read about that case here.

Now, Savage hopes bringing more baby boxes to the Tri-State will spare another newborn of experiencing a similar grueling situation.

No word yet on whether the Savage’s fundraising efforts will go towards installing a third baby box in Evansville or if it will go towards other resources for surrendered babies.



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