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The River City and the Blustery Day

Good Evening,

Between last night’s heavy rainfall, passing cold front, strong northwesterly wind and today’s lingering cloud cover, it felt like a typical autumn day throughout the Tri-State. Temperatures were 10° to 15° below average for a good portion of the region. Evansville’s high of 58° marked our coolest day since Saturday and our second coolest afternoon since mid May.

The combination of a potent complex of low pressure camped out over the Northeast and higher pressure situated to our west will continue to force cool Canadian air southward across not only the Midwest, but some of our friends to the south could see well below average temperatures overnight. Tuscaloosa will see the mercury drop to 43°!

Here at home, we’ll fall as low as 39° on the Ohio and while it appears as though we’ll be in for a slightly warmer Thursday ahead, temperatures will still remain around 10° lower than the average for this time of year. it’ll be a clear, crisp day on Thursday – afternoon highs will peak near the upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow afternoon prior to jumping into the upper 60s as we wrap up the work week.

Higher pressure will continue to dominate much of the forecast ahead, keeping the skies above the Tri-State quite clear between now and the end of the weekend. Eventually a southerly wind flow will return to the area and temperatures will warm; it looks as though we’ll see the mid to low 70s for both Saturday and Sunday prior to the arrival of our next weather-maker Monday.

A passing cold front is expected to produce a line of shower and thunderstorm activity that morning and early afternoon. There continues to be a decent amount of evidence that lends credence to the possibility of Severe Weather during that period. As a result, we’ll continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.



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